Turk-Jew Joint Weapons

Baku: Azerbaijan, Turkey and Israel will launch the joint manufacturing of armored combat vehicles, a source at the government of Azerbaijan told APA-ECONOMICS.

According to the source, negotiations with two Turkish and one Israeli military hardware manufacturers are about to be completed and agreements will soon be signed to launch production. 

Under the State Program on Defense Industry Development, Azerbaijan?ó?é¼?äós Ministry of Defense Industry seeks to build tracked fighting vehicles, self-propelled bridges and armored military trucks on the body of T-54 and T-55 tanks which were decommissioned from the national army?ó?é¼?äós arsenal.

The assembly infrastructure will be built in the Ministry of Defense?ó?é¼?äós tank repair plant and other engineering plants. Besides, fighting vehicles designed by local specialists will also be considered after the production facilities are ready. Azerbaijan already assembles Matador and Marauder armored mine protected vehicles together with the South African Paramount Group.


Last Updated on Sunday, 18 September 2011 19:22


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