Singapore backs-off anti-China rhetoric

Singapore backs-off anti-China rhetoric

In a strongly worded statement, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) rejected the asserti...

US accepts all of Taliban’s pre-conditions for talks

US accepts all of Taliban’s pre-conditions for talks

KARACHI: Tayyab Agha, Special Assistant to Mulla Omar, had begun talks with the United  States with ...

Is The Philippines Really Seeking Peace With China?

Is The Philippines Really Seeking Peace With China?

The Philippines called for more U.S. troops to land on its territory with the double aim of strength...

Obama Threatens Iran, China And Russia As U.S. Indices Plummet

Obama Threatens Iran, China And Russia As U.S. Indices Plummet

Perhaps someone should remind the U.S. plutocrats that each year, approximately 1.2 million student...

Saudi Arabia To Urge Taliban To Accept ISAF Deal

Saudi Arabia To Urge Taliban To Accept ISAF Deal

The meeting between Karzai and the Taliban under the hospices of Saudi Arabia could be an ultimatum ...

  • Singapore backs-off anti-China rhetoric

    Singapore backs-off anti-China rhetoric

    Saturday, 04 February 2012 22:51
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  • US accepts all of Taliban’s pre-conditions for talks

    US accepts all of Taliban’s pre-conditions for talks

    Saturday, 04 February 2012 08:56
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  • Is The Philippines Really Seeking Peace With China?

    Is The Philippines Really Seeking Peace With China?

    Thursday, 02 February 2012 23:57
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  • Obama Threatens Iran, China And Russia As U.S. Indices Plummet

    Obama Threatens Iran, China And Russia As U.S. Indices Plummet

    Thursday, 02 February 2012 23:45
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  • Saudi Arabia To Urge Taliban To Accept ISAF Deal

    Saudi Arabia To Urge Taliban To Accept ISAF Deal

    Wednesday, 01 February 2012 04:01
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Asir Husain Young Writer

2011: New World Order In Action, Next Syria? K2_FEATURED

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The events in 2011 is exactly what the New World Order (NWO) is all about: Revolutions and Nato's overthrowing of regiimes. The world heard of a NWO that was in the making since well before the 911 events in the U.S. and now we are living in the age of the NWO.

Now we have a better understanding of the extend to which the NWO promoters would go to 'change' the world and impose their rule on the rest of the globe. With this new strategy, it is now clear that the U.S. and the West might just escape anihilation since it can use its military might in destroying its opponents and create a new world of subservient nations.

The NWO is about change, change of regimes, change of the social system and change of financial and economic system. In the end, it is about possession and domination. Owning the oil rigs and oil fields, the gold mines and the diamond trades while eliminating in the most violent manner, the regimes that opposes this plan. Behind the plan are the rich people of the globe and among them there are the rich Muslim leadership, the super powerful White supremacy in the West and the inevitable 'followers' who know only how to kowtow to the bullies of Nato.

While it has been said that the Nato is the armed forces of the policing West and the American and European leaders of France, UK and Germany or Italy are the 'commanders' of the Nato, we must not forget the growing anger against established regimes in the 'Third World' as an added impetus to the rise of the New World Order.

Libya is the most recent example of the success of the Nato-NWO. It is a pity but it is true to state that the Libyan regime defeat - and it is a defeat indeed - has been achieved primarily by the wrong planning, bad strategies of a lone man aided by his sons and 'friends' who wanted to 'defeat' the Nato and become the rising inevitable 'liberator' of the Third World. Muamar Gadhafi's plans failed since we can see that this did not happen and what actually happened is the routing of the Gadhafi forces during the Ramadan and the exit of the Gadhafi family from Libya.

It is also inevitable that the NWO's aims and projects will now be easily funded by Libya's oil that will be transformed as 'windfall' gains for the Western nations. It is incredible how a vast extent of oil reserves has so easily - yes it took 6 months but then it was certain that Gadhafi will fall eventually - fallen into the Western folds!

For the Libyans the transformation is fantastic indeed. A majority of the people revolted and took up arms against a regime they despised for years. From now on, they will have the freedom they were seeking but it is not assured that they will have the same 'liberty' to be in liberation mode from the West as they were under the Gadhafi regime.

It is obvious that the next target will be Syria but the plan will be different as the Nato-Western forces has to take Iran (and its satelite groups) into consideration when they tackle Syria. If with Libya they have conquered a vast reserve of oil and gas and they have secured the 'liberation' fo the Meditterranean seas altogether, with Syria the Nato-NWO forces are definitely aiming at 'liberating' Israel from the Syrian regime. The Syrian regime has been a real pain in the neck of the Israelis, preventing a rapid growth of the secretly planned 'Greater Israel' which will altogether help the West in putting Iran into a check and mate situation in the geopolitics of the Middle Eastern region.

From the onset of the Libya war, we were screaming that the entire scenario was about Israel, oil and the removal of Gadhafi in a bid to enjoy the fruits of the billions the latter has stacked over the years. And today, while it is proven true and we were absolutely right, we are saying without a fear of being wrong, that the West will have a harder time in trying to dislodge the Syrian regime from Damascus. Syria is not the same as Libya and it is altogether not the same as Iraq or Yemen. It is a much more porous nation with Iran backing it fully while Iraq's pro-Shia regime will not allow it to fall and let Israel gain territorially and poltically. The fall of Syria, if it is to happen, will altogether annihilate the victory of the legendary Khalid Bin Walid at the Al-Yarmouk battle ground where an army of 40,000 Muslims destroyed a massive army of Romans (200,000 soldiers to the least) and this despite claims by revisionists.

A victory of the Nato-NWO forces in Syria will also mean the 'freeing' of Israel from a potential enemy that was acquiring nuclear weapons and tactical nukes in preparation for a major war against Tel Aviv (in the event Tel Aviv thought it could invade Syrian borders again like before).

Of course the question remains: Will Syria be next? The plan to remove the anti-American leaders from the Middle Eastern scenery is a long term one. The Barack Obama administration, learning from the Bush Administration, has clearly decided to use the masses in the Arab world to overthrow their regimes, backed by Nato or CIA or even more sinister secret armed forces called the 'Special Forces'.

The story on the ground in the Middle East is simplistic: Either you overthrow your regime or we will do it for you and it will be at a cost you never imagined. See Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya! This is the message sent to the Muslim masses in the Middle East and this message is being spread by the pro-democracy forces in the region. The role into spreading this message is being left to 'Muslim' Democratic Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) and the inevitable social media services as well as the state-controlle or bogus-free Media organizations like Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia and so on.

The other more interesting question is how will this 'Arab Spring' be controlled or whether it is possible to turn this revolutionary period into an anti-American one? This is surely being thought by many and was being thought as explained above by Gadhafi and his Sons but once again, no one will be able to fight the rise of the Nato in the Middle East and Africa on their own! The solution, far fetched as it is, remains in a form of unity among the remaining anti-West leaders in the region but this unity alone will not help them in the long run as they will need a super power like China or Russia to back them and prepare them in this fight against the rising Nato.

Both China and Russia are losing ground in the Middle East due to the American engineered revolutions in the region. It is to their detriment that Libya is now a pro-US state in Africa-Middle East and it is also to their detriment that they oil-gas reserves of Libya are now controlled by Italian, French and US-UK companies.

The only way to stop this decay of the resources that are desperately needed by both Russia and China is for Beijing and Moscow to join forces with a purpose and a plan. But is it not too late?


kazi mahmood


Genies in a bottle

Muslim exorcise "little ghosts"

KOTA BHARU, Kelantan: Supernatural incidents of "spiritual fires" have happened in a residential house at Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kampung Barembang, Kota Bharu, and 14 Islamic priests who claimed to have the experiences of performing exorcisms volunteered to chant the Koran verses for hours to remove the evil spirit. Read More

Ghostly Fires in Malaysian Home

KOTA BHARU, Kelantan - Malaysia: A weird "spiritual fire" broke out in a residential house at Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kampung Barembang, Kota Bharu recently. Read More

Saudis Drags Genie to Court

Click on link to watch: Genie Dragged into bottle to Saudi Court!

"And among us ( the Jinns ) there are the righteous folk and among us there are far from that; we are sects having different rules.

Jinn running in background

A Jinn (Genie) or Ghost for some people seen running behind a little boy in a Syrian house.

A home video filmed in Syria, which allegedly captures a strange occurence in the background. Is it a Jinn? You decide.

click here to watch: Genie in House

Eyes in Sky - really scary

Watch Video Here

Though we do not really know who took the videos and where it originates, we have the information that it was taken after the Indonesian earthquake in Padang, Riau. If you look patiently at the video, you will see a pair of eyes that is formed in the clouds overlooking a village in Indonesia. It will really shock and scare you!

However, apparently this video was taken a few years ago in Russia. Hence the source is unknown and the location too but it is a very real video, not a graphic picture.

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