Singapore backs-off anti-China rhetoric

Singapore backs-off anti-China rhetoric

In a strongly worded statement, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) rejected the asserti...

US accepts all of Taliban’s pre-conditions for talks

US accepts all of Taliban’s pre-conditions for talks

KARACHI: Tayyab Agha, Special Assistant to Mulla Omar, had begun talks with the United  States with ...

Is The Philippines Really Seeking Peace With China?

Is The Philippines Really Seeking Peace With China?

The Philippines called for more U.S. troops to land on its territory with the double aim of strength...

Obama Threatens Iran, China And Russia As U.S. Indices Plummet

Obama Threatens Iran, China And Russia As U.S. Indices Plummet

Perhaps someone should remind the U.S. plutocrats that each year, approximately 1.2 million student...

Saudi Arabia To Urge Taliban To Accept ISAF Deal

Saudi Arabia To Urge Taliban To Accept ISAF Deal

The meeting between Karzai and the Taliban under the hospices of Saudi Arabia could be an ultimatum ...

  • Singapore backs-off anti-China rhetoric

    Singapore backs-off anti-China rhetoric

    Saturday, 04 February 2012 22:51
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  • US accepts all of Taliban’s pre-conditions for talks

    US accepts all of Taliban’s pre-conditions for talks

    Saturday, 04 February 2012 08:56
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  • Is The Philippines Really Seeking Peace With China?

    Is The Philippines Really Seeking Peace With China?

    Thursday, 02 February 2012 23:57
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  • Obama Threatens Iran, China And Russia As U.S. Indices Plummet

    Obama Threatens Iran, China And Russia As U.S. Indices Plummet

    Thursday, 02 February 2012 23:45
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  • Saudi Arabia To Urge Taliban To Accept ISAF Deal

    Saudi Arabia To Urge Taliban To Accept ISAF Deal

    Wednesday, 01 February 2012 04:01
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Asir Husain Young Writer

Visible from the entrance to Raytheon's production plant in Andover, Massachusetts was a PAC-3 "missile defense" launcher.
These systems are now being deployed surrounding Russia and China
Our 19th annual space organizing conference, entitled Raytheon, Missile Offense, & Endless War: Working Together to Demilitarize and Create a Sustainable Future, began on Friday, June 17 with a 1½ hour afternoon vigil outside the gates of Raytheon in Andover, Massachusetts.  Over 65 people joined us at the gates as the workers poured out of Raytheon in their cars.  Luckily the rain did not pour down upon us as we stood under threatening skies.  It is known that 4,500 people work at the Andover facility where they build  “missile defense” systems like the PAC-3 (ground-based launchers) and SM-3 (Aegis destroyer based) interceptor missiles that are now being deployed near the borders of Russia and China.
Arthur Brien from the Merrimack Valley People for Peace was glad to see so many people at the vigil.  He has been holding a weekly vigil at Raytheon’s gates for 20 years – often alone.
A reporter from a local weekly newspaper came to the vigil to take photos and interview Global Network (GN) leaders from around the world that had come for the conference.  The daily newspaper in Andover told us they’d likely not be able to give any coverage to the conference due to the fact that the Boston Bruins has just won the professional hockey championships.  A convenient excuse indeed in this company town.
Following the vigil we had a supper at the Unitarian Church in Andover and heard speeches by John Schuchardt from the co-sponsoring North Shore Coalition for Peace & Justice.  Art Brien also spoke and received a standing ovation from those in attendance.  Local activist Mary Kate Small sang peace songs and then GN board member Loring Wirbel from Colorado Springs gave us more information about Raytheon’s key role in moving the arms race into space.
On June 18 we moved the conference to nearby Merrimack College where just over 100 people turned out.  Two plenary sessions offered us a chance to share reports from GN leaders from six countries and across the U.S.  We learned even more about Raytheon’s growing role in developing new technologies for crowd control, reconnaissance and surveillance, and for missile offense.  New generations of robotic weapons, drones, and other nano-technology weapons are being created at academic institutions where “university-corporate partnerships” are increasingly being sold as a solution to fiscal problems at these schools.  The lines between military and local law enforcement are being blurred as new “dual use” technologies are being created to spy on the public and suppress public dissent.
The issue of NATO expansion and the surrounding of Russia and China with “missile defense” systems, and the likelihood of a new arms race, were major themes of the conference.  We heard from GN leaders in Canada, Sweden, England, Germany, Japan, and India – each one with a similar story about growing militarization of their societies and harsh cutbacks in social spending.  Each of these nations, to some degree or the other, is being dragged into “partnerships” with the U.S. and the ever-expanding NATO as endless wars move from Iraq to Afghanistan to Yemen and now Libya.
The four workshops helped everyone dig deeper into the key themes of the conference.  Topics discussed were cyber warfare (the U.S. now claims that an attack on its computers will be taken as an act of war), drones, missile offense expansion, the Bring Our War $$ Home campaign, and students speaking out on the domestic impacts of space militarization.  As it turned out, the National Conference of Mayors was meeting the same weekend and on June 20 passed a Bring Our War $$ Home resolution that brought coverage of that issue to the front pages of the New York Times (June 22) and was the top story on the CBS evening news (June 20) as well as being reported in many other mainstream media outlets.  The GN was instrumental in helping to initiate and spread the Bring Our War $$ Home campaign that was born in Maine.
On the evening of June 19 a second conference dinner was held at another Unitarian Church – this time in North Andover.  War Resisters League/New England leaders Joanne Sheehan and Rick Gaumer cooked both of our dinners during the conference.  It was wonderful having them with us and their good cooking was much appreciated by all.  Two Peace in Space awards were presented after dinner to long-time GN board member Agneta Norberg (Sweden) and to the Merrimack Valley People for Peace. Art Brien accepted the award on his group’s behalf.  GN chairperson Dave Webb (England) surprised all of us by presenting me with a Peace in Space award as well.
One dinner time highlight was the story telling by John Stewart (Florida) who did his comedic rendition of the time in 1997 when he and I and a few others from the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice led the CBS-TV 60 Minutes film crew and NASA security around the Kennedy Space Center tourist facility as we protested the deadly launch of 72 pounds of plutonium-238 on the Cassini space mission.  People loved John’s bit.
Following the dinner we walked across the street to the Old Center Hall where we had a magnificent concert to cap off the evening.  Boston-area Veterans for Peace leader Pat Scanlon and friends performed some of his rousing anti-war songs. Then we heard from a young man named Andrew McGarrah who sang a brilliant Sadako song in a tribute to the young girl who died trying to fold 1,000 paper cranes following the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Our special guest, Japanese folksinger Tetsu Kitagawa, blew our hearts wide open with his wonderful songs – one of which is a tribute to the anti-militarist Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution that the U.S. is pressuring the Japanese government to dump so they can be dragged into the increasingly aggressive global NATO war making alliance.  The wonderful thing about Kitagawa was that he spent the entire day with us at the conference.  He spoke little English but sat through all the plenary sessions
and workshops with his translator.  Rarely do you see such a “star” do that.  We must thank the AFSC’s Joseph Gerson for arranging to bring Kitagawa to the event.
On the final day, June 19, we held our annual membership business meeting.  Finding a meeting place on a Sunday in Andover was not easy and we settled on a local Chinese restaurant, which had a large meeting room.  Thirty of us met to review the past year and make plans for 2012.
One major item of discussion was our annual Keep Space for Peace Week (October 1-8), which this year is during the 10th “anniversary” of the war in Afghanistan.  We decided to connect our poster theme and promotion of space week to the war and in particular to the fact that drones utilize military space satellites to carry out their deadly missions which often result in killing scores of innocent people.  The week will again be co-sponsored by WILPF.
Three women from Sweden were at the meeting, one of whom (Ingela Martensson) was for a time a parliamentarian for the Liberal Party in the Swedish parliament.  She volunteered to do all she could to bring the space weaponization issue to the EU body during Keep Space for Peace Week.  Dave Webb, who also chairs CND in the UK, was extremely excited about this and wants to work with Ingela on that project.
We also discussed the need to undertake more work around the issue of the corporatization and militarization of academia and dreamed of the possibility of hiring, at the least, a part-time worker to help us do campus organizing around this growing problem.  Regina Hagen (Germany) reported that students in her country have recently been organizing to oppose similar trends there.  It would be good to connect students around the world on this issue.
As we met our GN board member Sung-Hee Choi (South Korea) remains in jail on Jeju Island for holding a banner that read “Touch not one stone, not one flower”.  Another board member, MacGregor Eddy (California) was just preparing to return home after her 10-day solidarity visit to Jeju where she represented the GN.  Due to the generosity of our members and supporters our recent travel fund appeal for MacGregor’s visit to Jeju had brought in enough money to send another person to the island.  We decided to send Matt Hoey (Massachusetts) in late July and I have begun to talk with leaders of Korean-American organizations about sending representatives as well.  A church group in Germany that I have been in contact with about Jeju will also send a person to be part of this international delegation.
Just prior to our conference we had received an email from GN board member Wooksik Cheong who lives in Seoul, South Korea.  He said that leaders from the Gangjeong village on Jeju Island had requested that the GN consider holding our 2012 annual space conference there in solidarity with them.  We discussed this amongst several other offers we have received from India, Sweden, Japan, and Hawaii to host future meetings.
We decided to send word to Jeju Island that we would like to meet there though because of the crucial situation we felt meeting earlier than normal in 2012 might be best.  Jeju Island is one of those striking situations where the deployment of missile offense systems on Navy destroyers to surround China’s coastline converges with many other important issues.  Coupled with the disastrous environmental consequences of building a Navy base on this pristine environmental treasure, is the need to support the beleaguered yet determined people in the Gangjeong farming and fishing village.  This coming together of such a set of issues just cannot be ignored.
We also decided to tell organizers in Hawaii that several of our GN leaders could stop there on the way to Korea for a mini-conference.  Hawaii has become a key “missile defense” testing ground and we feel it important to learn more about their local situation and strengthen our links with activists in that heavily militarized and isolated state.
We also decided to do our best to send as many of our GN leaders as possible to India in October 2012 for a space issues conference that will be organized by our board member J. Narayana Rao as his country barrels headfirst into Star Wars.  And we gave our friends in Sweden the go-ahead to begin organizing for a 2013 space conference in their country as the development of a space launch, test range, and tracking facility in northern Sweden is expanding, largely due to its proximity to the Russian border.
There was a wonderful spirit at this conference and it was clear that the leadership of the GN understands the necessity to step-up our efforts around the globe if we hope to prevent the weaponization of space and stop endless war.  When one person wondered if we could really afford to send GN representatives to all of the proposed events in 2012, Lotus Yee Fong (California) said, “With the U.S. surrounding Russia and China, how can we not do everything we possibly can to prevent war with them?”
Lotus is exactly right.  We should not be limited by worries about funding at this time.  The Global Network has always done a lot of work with a very meager budget.  We must keep making the links between space technology and “conventional” war on the Earth below.  We should continue to show solidarity with those working so hard to resist space militarization from Jeju Island to Hawaii to Sweden and to India.  We need one another now more than ever.
I say build it and the support will come from our members to do this sacred work.  Let our 20th year in the Global Network be our most active yet.  Thanks to all.
Loring Wirbel (Citizens for Peace in Space, Colorado Springs) has created a page on YouTube for videos he made of many speakers at the conference.  You can see them here
Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 443-9502
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  (blog)

Visible from the entrance to Raytheon's production plant in Andover, Massachusetts was a PAC-3 "missile defense" launcher.  

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The White House has just announced that the U.S. will host a major international meeting of NATO, the US-commanded and financed 28-nation military alliance, in Chicago from May 15 to May 22, 2012. It was further announced that at the same time and place, there will be a summit of the G-8 world powers. The meetings are expected to draw heads of state, generals and countless others.
At a day-long meeting in New York City on Saturday, June 18, the United National Antiwar CommitteeΓÇÖs national coordinating committee of 69 participants, representing, 47 organizations, unanimously passed a resolution to call for action at the upcoming NATO meeting.
UNAC is determined to mount a massive united outpouring in Chicago during the NATO gathering to put forth demands opposing endless wars and calling for billions spent on war and destruction be spent instead on peopleΓÇÖs needs for jobs, health care, housing and education.
Whereas, the U.S. is the major and pre-eminent military, economic and political power behind NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and
Whereas, the U.S. will be hosting a major NATO gathering in the spring of 2012, and
Whereas, U.S. and NATO-allied forces are actively engaged in the monstrous wars, occupations and military attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, the Middle East and elsewhere,
Be it resolved that:
1) UNAC, in conjunction with a broad range of groups and organizations that share general agreement with the major demands adopted at our 2010 Albany, NY national conference, initiate a mass demonstration at the site of the NATO gathering, and
2) UNAC welcomes and encourages the participation of all groups interested in mobilizing against war and for social justice in planning a broad range of other NATO meeting protests including teach-ins, alternative conferences and activities organized on the basis of direct action/civil resistance, and
3) UNAC will seek to make the NATO conference the occasion for internationally coordinated protests, and
4) UNAC will convene a meeting of all of the above forces to discuss and prepare initial plans to begin work on this spring action.
Resolution passed unanimously by the National Coordinating Committee of UNAC on Saturday, June 18, 2011

The White House has just announced that the U.S. will host a major international meeting of NATO, the US-commanded and financed 28-nation military alliance, in Chicago from May 15 to May 22, 2012.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011 00:35

Blame Karzai for US Defeat

America's withdrawal of 33,000 troops from the Afghan war as from July this year is a bid to put pressure on Hamid Karzai, the same person who heads a regime that is loyal to the Americans and has betrayed the Afghan people.

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Contact: Adam Shapiro, +30-694-781-5798, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Huwaida Arraf, +30-694-781-5798, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Greta Berlin, +33 607 374 512, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
IsraelΓÇÖs announcement of authorization for construction materials for 1,200
homes and 18 schools in Gaza is the latest achievement by the Freedom
Flotilla, scheduled to sail next week.
In the weeks leading up to the flotilla, Israel has taken a number of steps
to try to address the concerns raised in the public eye by the Freedom
Flotilla 2 ΓÇô Stay Human initiative. However organizers say that these steps
are symbolic at best, fall far short of IsraelΓÇÖs obligations under
international law, are insufficient to meet the needs of Palestinians in
Gaza, and are fundamentally designed to maintain the occupation and system
of control that Israel exerts over Palestinian lives.  Ultimately, these
measures fall short of the greatest test ΓÇô that of freedom for
In addition to the authorization of a limited amount of construction
materials, Israel has also recently permitted 19 trucks of medicine to be
delivered by Palestinian sources from the West Bank to Gaza.  This was in
response to an emergency announcement from health authorities in Gaza that
crucial medicines had run out due to Israel's illegal blockade.  Prior to
that, Israel increased the number of aid trucks entering Gaza to between
210 and 220 per day.  However, this still falls 35% short of what is
required by Gaza Strip residents.
The pattern developing shows that as the sailing date of the Flotilla
nears, Israel is increasing efforts to allow humanitarian goods into Gaza,
including previously banned reconstruction materials.  This proves three
important things: (1) the Flotilla is effective in generating changes, even
if they are insufficient, on the ground; (2) the ΓÇÿnormal channelsΓÇÖ for
delivering aid exist, but are useless without pressure on Israel to allow
them to function; and (3) IsraelΓÇÖs standard excuse for preventing
reconstruction material into Gaza is rendered baseless, given the approval
to allow 1,200 homes and 18 schools to be constructed.
Even as the Freedom Flotilla welcomes this latest achievement and proof of
the necessity and effectiveness of the Flotilla tactic, we also reiterate
that our effort is not simply about delivering humanitarian aid.  The goal
of the Flotilla is not aid; it is freedom for Palestinians in Gaza and the
rest of the occupied Palestinian territories.  As such, there are no
ΓÇÿestablished channelsΓÇÖ for freedom ΓÇô there is only one - an end to the
Israeli occupation.
Flotilla preparations continue apace, buoyed by the support of people
around the world.  Next week Freedom Flotilla 2: Stay Human sails for Gaza;
our destination is freedom.

Israel’s announcement of authorization for construction materials for 1,200 homes and 18 schools in Gaza is the latest achievement by the Freedom Flotilla, scheduled to sail next week.

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A GIANT 55 foot 'sea monster' has been found washed up on a beach in China.
The beast from the deep is so badly decayed it cannot be identified.
But according to local reports from Guangdong, in the south-east of the country, it weighed at least 4.5 TONS.
One fisherman, known only as Hwang, 66, said he was astonished by the find.
People have flocked to see the creature ΓÇö despite the rotting corpse's foul stench.
It was found tangled in ropes and one theory is fisherman caught it but could not land it as it was so big.
Read more:

A GIANT 55 foot 'sea monster' has been found washed up on a beach in China.

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This is an excerpt from the recent concluding observations on Ireland of the UN Committee against Torture:
Rendition flights
9.    The Committee is concerned at the various reports of the State party’s alleged cooperation in a “rendition programme”, where “rendition flights” use the State party’s airports and airspace. The Committee is also concerned at the inadequate response by the State party to investigate these allegations.  (article 3)
The State party should provide further information on specific measures taken to investigate allegations of the State partyΓÇÖs involvement in ΓÇ£rendition programmesΓÇ¥ and the use of the State partyΓÇÖs airports and airspace by flights involved in ΓÇ£extraordinary renditionΓÇ¥. The State party should provide clarification on such measures and the outcome of the investigations, and take steps to ensure that such cases are prevented.
This has not been mentioned in the Irish media. Please publicise.

Rendition flights: This is an excerpt from the recent concluding observations on Ireland of the UN Committee against Torture:

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Despite US President Barack Obama's assertions that the U.S. is in a position of strength and is pulling out troops because it has achieved its objectives in the Afghan war surge, the truth is far from that reality and the Taliban today remains in a position of strength.

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A rather controversial book by slain Pakistani Journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad is being promoted by Western agencies and websites as a means to force the US to remain in the Afghan war.

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Can US President Barack Obama defeat the Pentagon and impose his Afghan pullout strategy as he promised to do in 2009 when he ordered a 'surge' in the Afghan war?

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With support of:
Federation of German Scientists (VDW)
Federal Foreign Office
European Leadership Network for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation
International Student / Young Pugwash (29. / 30.6.)
on European Security and Nuclear Disarmament
Co-sponsored by European Leadership Network and Pugwash Conferences (1.7)
open to public
Pugwash Conference: European Contributions to Nuclear Disarmament and Conflict Resolution (2.-4.7.)
plenaries are open to public
Public Events of the Federation of German Scientists (VDW)
ΓÇ¥European Security and Nuclear Disarmament ΓÇô Ghost from the Past or Pass to the FutureΓÇ¥ (5.7.
14:00, Freie Universität, Berlin)
”The Controversy Surrounding the Atom” (5.7. 18:00, Humboldt Universität, Berlin)
The Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs1 (PCSWA) was founded in the middle of the Cold War in1957 by scientists in order to contribute to nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction through conferences and workshops.
Founding document is the famous Russell-Einstein-Manifesto, largely written by Bertrand Russell, signed by eleven famous scientists including Albert Einstein, Max Born, Linus Pauling and Joseph Rotblat.2
The name Pugwash refers to the location of the first block-crossing-scientists meeting in a small fishing village in Nova Scotia / Canada called Pugwash3.
Since that time, the Pugwash conferences held more than 300 workshops and conferences on topics of nuclear weapons, but also on banning B and C- weapons and other topics regarding "Human Security", in which basic research is of significance. Based on scientific expertise, scientists and experts have contributed to nonproliferation treaties and disarmament agreements such as the ABM Treaty, the Non-Proliferation-Treaty and the B-and C-weapons convention.
During the Cold War, many informal discussions between East and West were being organized which contributed to ending the global arms race.
In 1995, Pugwash, along with its founding-member, Sir Joseph Rotblat received the Nobel Peace Prize. The German Pugwash Group was created by Carl-Friedrich von Weizsäcker and Werner Heisenberg in 1959 and is represented by the Federation of German Scientists (VDW).4
Pugwash in Berlin
This year, the 59th Pugwash conference entitled "European Contributions to Nuclear Disarmament
ment and Conflict Resolution"deals with nuclear disarmament in Europe as well as issues of nuclear non-proliferation (keyword: Iran and North Korea), the relationship between Europe, Russia and the U.S. and the chances of establishing a zone in the Middle East that is free of weapons of mass destruction. Over 300 participants from around the world are expected for the three-day meeting held in the congress facilities of the Foreign Office from July 1st to 4th.
The conference is preceded by a meeting of the International Student / Young Pugwash Organization (ISYP) in which young scientists discuss similar topics of global security issues.5 Sponsors, in addition to the Foreign Office are the Simons Foundation, the VDW (Federation of German Scientists), the European Leadership Network (ELN), Oxfam and the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF). The VDW and the German Pugwash Group are jointly engaged in the preparation and implementation of this year's conference.
What is being discussed and who will come?
During the conference senior decision makers, experts and scientists will discuss about global issues of nuclear disarmament and the problems of crisis areas in the Middle East and in South and Southeast Asia. The first day of the conference will be opened by the President of Pugwash, Jayantha Dhanapala (Sri Lanka), and a speech by Foreign Minister Westerwelle. On opening day the public Simons Symposium will discuss the question of Europe's contribution to the nuclear
disarmament and the system proposed by U.S. President Obama for the goal of a world without nuclear weapons.
It is jointly organized with the European Leadership Network for Multilateral Disarmament (ELN), a newly formed association of European ex-politicians, who engage for Global Zero and multilateral disarmament.6 In two panels are high-ranking politicians and experts,
including the former British Defence Minister Lord Browne, the arms control adviser to U.S.
President Barack Obama Gary Samore, the head of the Munich Security Conference, W. Ischinger, and Russian politicians will debate on the status and prospects for further nuclear disarmament. The first day is concluded by an exchange of views between the U.S. Under Secretary Ellen Tauscher and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.
In the next three days, other topics such as the future of Afghanistan, South Asia and the Middle East will be treated n the form of lectures and panel discussions. Working groups will also be consulting on issues of social responsibility of scientists, and the context of climate change
and security. This year's Dorothy Hodgkin Lecture will be held by Tatsujiro of Suzuki, the
Vice-Chairman of the "Japan Atomic Energy Commission" in which he will in particular address the nuclear-catastophe of Fukushima.
Enclosed you will find an overview of the events of the 59th Pugwash Conference. The Friday is for the public press.Press participation in other panels is possible on prior request. We will also keep you informed via press releases on the progress of the consultations. (Accrediation corresponds to the standards of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Please also find attached the program of the Pugwash Conference.
Furthermore, on Tuesday July 5th the VDW is holding two public meetings with speakers of the 59th Pugwash Conference. Topics are "The Controversy Surrounding the atom" and "European Secur-
ity and Nuclear Disarmament - Ghost from the Past or Passport to the Future ".
For content requests, interviews and the provision of additional interviewees, the follwing VDW-people will be at your disposal:
G├╢tz Neuneck (Member of the Executive Committee of Pugwash Pugwash and the officer
VDW) 0170 4815442
Reiner Braun (Executive Director of the VDW) 0172 231 7475
1More about the history and actuality of Pugwash is at:
2 See History of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto:
3See: and
4See the German Pugwash Group: and
5See: b
VDW Geschäftsstelle
Sch├╝tzenstr. 6a
10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 2123 4056
Fax: +49 30 20654858
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

With support of: Federation of German Scientists (VDW) - Federal Foreign Office - European Leadership Network for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation

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Genies in a bottle

Muslim exorcise "little ghosts"

KOTA BHARU, Kelantan: Supernatural incidents of "spiritual fires" have happened in a residential house at Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kampung Barembang, Kota Bharu, and 14 Islamic priests who claimed to have the experiences of performing exorcisms volunteered to chant the Koran verses for hours to remove the evil spirit. Read More

Ghostly Fires in Malaysian Home

KOTA BHARU, Kelantan - Malaysia: A weird "spiritual fire" broke out in a residential house at Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kampung Barembang, Kota Bharu recently. Read More

Saudis Drags Genie to Court

Click on link to watch: Genie Dragged into bottle to Saudi Court!

"And among us ( the Jinns ) there are the righteous folk and among us there are far from that; we are sects having different rules.

Jinn running in background

A Jinn (Genie) or Ghost for some people seen running behind a little boy in a Syrian house.

A home video filmed in Syria, which allegedly captures a strange occurence in the background. Is it a Jinn? You decide.

click here to watch: Genie in House

Eyes in Sky - really scary

Watch Video Here

Though we do not really know who took the videos and where it originates, we have the information that it was taken after the Indonesian earthquake in Padang, Riau. If you look patiently at the video, you will see a pair of eyes that is formed in the clouds overlooking a village in Indonesia. It will really shock and scare you!

However, apparently this video was taken a few years ago in Russia. Hence the source is unknown and the location too but it is a very real video, not a graphic picture.

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