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kazi mahmood

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The U.S. has acted like a snake in disguise, pressing Libya and Syria to open-up with diplomatic relations but only to use that overture as a means for a coup against the respective regimes in these countries. And nothing indicates the U.S.A. will not attempt to use the same venom in South East Asia. This is how the U.S. extends 'friendship' with one hand to destroy with another.

Coordinated insurgent assaults were in the works for months, Taliban leaders say...while calling for Muslims across the world to join their war...


A market potential of USD200 billion and another access route to the EU via the Russian Siberian hinterland in what could be a major economic shift in Asia is what the ASEAN states should expect with the APEC 2012 in Russia.

In Phon Phenn, the Malaysian Prime Minister was upbeat on the ASEAN's way, calling it a 'successful' one while in the South of Thailand, explosions and car bombs killed 14 and maimed hundreds.

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is being given a huge opportunity to penetrate a market of 200 million people and boasting considerable industrial and energetic assets. The deal will be to forge a 'Free Zone' buffer between the ASEAN and the Customs Union (CU).

Malaysian companies and the authorities are both frantically investing abroad in what is called 'FDI outflow' and it is time for Malaysia to think of the risks in investing in Western nations in view of the recent 'springs' that sparked 'embargoes' on foreign money in the U.S. and U.K. in particular.

At the international Afghanistan Congress on December 4, 2011 it was agreed that the organization will think about how to proceed with our mutual activities against the war in Afghanistan.

Symposium and public event - The role of the IAEA - Nuclear power after Fukushima

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